Cheap Van Insurance Quote?

van insurance

So, you need to get yourself some van insurance and you want to know what gets covered. Not sure what you need and what’s an extra? Hopefully, this short guide will give you all the details to help you get the best cover at the best price.

Fortunately, the modern miracle of the Internet means you can have access to the best deals around with just a few clicks.However, just because you have access to all the leading insurers and discount brokers, iit doesn’t hurt to give your current insurer a quick call to see if they can meet or better an online quote.

Obviously they would like to keep a loyal customer than let them get away over the odd pound. That being said, it is always possible these ‘stuck in the mud’ great British companies won’t waiver or budge an inch. It’s all down to the individual company at the end of the day.

Generally, however, most companies realize that to stay in business they are going to need to compete with online websites. Because of this, getting a cheap van insurance quote shouldn’t be too far away.

When searching for the best cover, make sure you get your full no claims bonus entitlement and immediate cover. Also bear in mind the consequence of having your van off the road due to an accident for a period of time.

This inconvenience can be more of a dent to your bottom line than anything else. Maybe a company that offers a replacement vehicle should be top priority. A few extra pounds could save a fortune in lost work.

Check for emergency breakdown too. Its commonplace to get free cover for this or, if not, just for a small amount more. Just like car insurance, beware of excesses. These can make a big difference in the event of a claim.

van insurance

There are generally three levels of cover:

1) Third party only.

2) Third party, fire and theft.

3) Fully comprehensive.

Third party only

The legal minimum requirement available and the cheapest option if you need to drive a van on the road.

Third party, fire and theft

As above but with fire and theft included. This is the most popular type of policy as it is often not much cheaper than Third Party online options.

Comprehensive cover

Fully comprehensive insurance is the highest level of cover and includes loss or damage to your vehicle, accident damage and windscreen cover. Some policies even offer extra coverage and is worth negotiating for.

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